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Poland's cult scifi/detective comic FUNKY KOVAL getting adapted
Posted on Monday, October 5th, 2009 by: quietearth

Thanks to our friends over at Opium, we've got word (and translations) that the Polish cult scifi/detective comic Funky Koval will be getting a big screen adaptation in the range of $30 Million dollars. Comic artist Bogusław Polch has sold the rights to an unknown indie producer in America, and on the last day of the Lodz International Festival of Comics he confirmed that shooting would begin soon. This news comes on the heels that Tokiopop will be publishing the comic in both the US and Japan. Production will take 2-3 years (really?!) and before the premier, Bogusław Polch will put out 4 new episodes of the comic.

Here's some details via Wikipedia:
The plot resolves around the figure of former military pilot and now space detective, Funky Koval, who with his friends and colleagues from private detective agency "Universs" solves various cases in the futuristic world of 2080s. His investigations will range from corruption in the police and government, through fighting cultists and terrorists, investigating missing spaceships and illegal slave camps, to the mystery of the Drolls aliens, who seem to have a much more advanced technology than the humans, and whose plans for the humanity - if any - remain a mystery.

And you can find some sample pages after the break.

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